Health, Food and Medical

Food Technology

Learn to develop the latest food products to hit the grocery store shelves.


Work in multiple areas of science and tech to research different types of living organisms.


Gain advanced knowledge of microorganisms to perform lab work in research facilities.


Engineering and Technology


Work on everything from robotics and computer control methods to hydraulics and pneumatics.


Specialize in optical imaging, laser sensing, surface coating, fibre optics and much more.

Control Systems

Learn about the electronic control systems that play a vital role in various industries.

Computer - Networking / Communications

Prepare for a career in web-based interactions, transactions, commerce and wireless technology.

Electronic Engineering

Get a in-depth understanding of leading-edge technologies and their integration into electronic systems.


Interactive Development

Web Development

Become a web developer, designer or an internet application programmer.

Computer - Gaming

Study all aspects of game creation - storytelling, design, motion capture and 3D animation.

Computer - Programming

Develop programming skills while focusing on problem-solving and technical reporting.


Software Engineering

Computer Applications

Learn web development, database creation and key functions of computer hardware.

Computer Software

Study to use the most advanced technology and software development practices.

Computer Security

Gain skills in identifying, analyzing and proposing solutions for computer security risks.

Information Management

Hone your skills in gathering, storing, manipulating and classifying recorded information.

Computer Systems

Hone your skills in electronics and various computer technologies.


Energy and Natural Resources

Energy Systems

Hone the skills to develop alternative energy sources and energy efficiency solutions.


Gain critical thinking, research and planning skills to manage and restore our ecosystems.



Master the computerized systems that collect, store and analyze critical geographical data.

Environmental Management

Study environmental regulations to assist companies understand the impact of new projects.

Natural Resources

Discover techniques to protect and preserve the natural environment.


Skilled Trades


Work hand-in-hand with engineers constructing or modifying parts, tools or pieces of equipment.


Learn to use computer numerical control (CNC), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-aided design (CAD) software.


Develop the skills to work with a variety of mechanical equipment and to perform a number of services in construction and industrial settings.

Tool and Die Making

Develop a wide range of technical knowledge and skills in the field of precision machining.

Mining and Blasting

Learn about mining techniques, geology and earth resources to prepare for a career in the mining industry.

HRAC and Building Systems

Specialize in heating, refrigeration and air conditioning (HRAC) as well as other utility systems.


Arts and Culture

Graphic Design

Visually communicate in all mediums by combining creativity with advancing technology.

Film Production

Learn to use highly technical equipment to start a career in this ever-changing industry.


Make everything from sophisticated web animations to 2D and 3D animations for films.


Study programs focused on a career in multiple media disciplines.

Drafting and Design

Discover how to express design concepts through drawing and computer imaging.




Combine advanced technologies with business strategies to deliver products and services.


Develop cutting-edge digital advertising and interactive advertising to grow brands.


Become a professional in corporate, technical, marketing and other forms of communications.


Get a deeper understanding of the field, from traditional marketing practices and brand marketing principles to the latest in web marketing and interactive marketing.


Learn the basics of business ownership and management in the modern world.


Learn the skills to be proficient in all sectors of both personal and business finance.

Financial Planning

Learn to counsel on financial decisions and plan for future financial situations.