Advanced Health-care Technology

The most crucial sector, health-care companies depend on people like biotechnologists and cloud developers to advance the industry. Smart people dedicated to detecting, defending and treating various diseases and health complications.


Arts and Culture

Drafting and Design

Discover how to express design concepts through drawing and computer imaging.

Careers in Drafting and Design

  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Materials Specialist


Health, Food and Medical


Work in multiple areas of science and tech to research different types of living organisms.

Careers in Biotechnology

  • Biotechnology Technician
  • Biotechnology Technologist
  • Microbiologist
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Project Manager
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Research Associate


Gain advanced knowledge of microorganisms to perform lab work in research facilities.

Careers in Microbiology

  • AutoCAD Technician
  • Industrial Designer
  • Laboratory Technologist
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Research Associate


Software Engineering

Computer Software

Study to use the most advanced technology and software development practices.

Careers in Computer Software

  • Automation Engineer
  • Back-end Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Front-end Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Technology Architect
  • User Experience Designer