Specialized Engineering Technologies

Modern engineering firms rely on a wide array of smart graduates to create our modern world. Developers, Engineers, Technologists and Robotic Specialists are just a few of the high demand careers available in this always evolving sector.


Engineering and Technology

Control Systems

Learn about the electronic control systems that play a vital role in various industries.

Careers in Control Systems

  • Control Systems Engineer
  • Electrical Engineering Technologist
  • Systems Engineer

Electronic Engineering

Get a in-depth understanding of leading-edge technologies and their integration into electronic systems.

Careers in Electronic Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering Technologist
  • Electronic Systems Engineer
  • Robotic Technician


Work on everything from robotics and computer control methods to hydraulics and pneumatics.

Careers in Robotics

  • 3D Printing Technician
  • Automation Engineer
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Robotic Software Engineer
  • Robotic System Integrator
  • Robotic Technician


Software Engineering

Information Management

Hone your skills in gathering, storing, manipulating and classifying recorded information.

Careers in Information Management

  • Business Intelligence Specialist
  • Computer Systems Technician
  • Data Analyst
  • Information Security Specialist
  • Project Manager